Fourex Customer Feedback

Money exchange made easy
Money exchange made easy

Since we launched our first kiosk, we've been lucky enough that our customers have embraced social media to tell us about their experiences. Here's a selection of happy tweets we've had since the start of the year:


Sakura Business ‏@Sakurabusiness  Mar 8
@FourexUK Would be great to have more of those around!
Nicholas Kynaston ‏@Kynners  Feb 22 Lambeth, London
Impressed with the #fourex currency kiosk at King's X - my old currency gone from the jar and £60 in my wallet ! @FourexUK
Craig Nattress ‏@CraigNattress  Feb 3
@FourexUK just checked out one of your kiosks at Kings Cross, great solution and really easy to use #travel #currency
Paul K ‏@mrpaulk  Jan 29
@FourexUK £24.95 yesterday. Cool! Your chap at King's Cross kiosk was very helpful too. 
Matt Dronfield ‏@MattDronfield  Jan 27Stratford, London
Love the @FourexUK machine @WestfieldStrat! Exchanged from 7 countries back to £, some weren't even in circulation! 
charlotte hopkins ‏@charlottehopk1n  Jan 23
just used the @FourexUK money foreign currency exchange machine at Kings X Stn, I took odd bits of foreign notes & coins lying about = £40
jared ‏@EdibleJared  Jan 19
Had £25 in a wide variety of currencies laying around. Cashed it out @FourexUK #KingsCross. Irish punts and Algerian somethings included!
Kathryn ‏@kathrynajones  Jan 6
Impressed with @FourexUK machine - exchanged coins I've had for years from countries I haven't event been to! More £ for the next holiday!
emmanuel gobillot ‏@egobillot  Jan 6
Tried @FourexUK for the first time today with years of coins which paid for our lovely dinner @GNHotel plum and split milk! #coolinnovation
Sar ‏@sarizzy1  Jan 7
@FourexUK just wanted to say think you're fab. Had £28 worth of money in my flat now it's exchanged!
Chris Wittlinger ‏@cwttl  Jan 15
Just used @fourexUK for the first time at #KingsCross. Awesome exp and I was not the only one! Real-life #traction 
Justyn Barnes ‏@justynbarnes  Jan 7
Unused old foreign coins/notes turned into £86.46 with @FourexUK machine at Kings X. (Very helpful assistant too, thanks) #MoneyForNothing
We're constantly evaluating where we will put the next kiosk and there's loads in the pipeline coming soon, but if you want to see a Fourex machine near you, why not let us know on Twitter or Facebook using #fourexuk or email us
Money exchange made easy
Money exchange made easy